Friday, July 17, 2009

Tastes Like Lemonade and Sunshine!

Am hoping to recreate very bright summery outdoor wedding and finally got around to going downtown to the 'cloth' district to buy these swatches of cloth. The idea is to have a slightly different patterned table cloth for every table at the wedding in bright summery colours but sticking to one colour theme, in this case, ranging from sunshine yellow to bright red.

Walked around abit in KL and finally settled for Kamdar, still seemed to be the cheapest with most variety and managed to dig up quite a few RM2/metre cloths! It looked like it's been sitting there at the bottom of the pile for decades and I think, really, it might have been the case cause they look like the kind of vintage prints my grandma would use for making samfu's. Hey, all the better cause it's exactly the prints I wanted!


I don't know why but I just feel happier everytime I see the stacks of bright, cheery cloth lying at the corner of the room :)


CoachnMuchMore said...

Me likes too! Great idea =)

Anonymous said...

pretty colors, good choice.
anyway what kind of camera did u use?

juli said...

The prints looks too adorable and kitschy! Love it.

Was looking at online shops and found yours, which led me to your lovely blog. Great job, btw. Love your collections. =)

p.s. Are you really getting married in 3 months and have only started to get things sorted out?

Leng said...

I use the Canon EOS 400D :)
Juli: Hiya, yay, another Shopaholic! :P Yes, really getting married in, oh, less than three months now. I think I'll really start to panic about the 2 weeks before wedding period. Right now am taking it abit too easy I think :P

Claire said...

Leng, just found out that you're getting married! Awesome! Arvin must be a lucky man to have a tasteful and gorgeous girl like you as wife. Love your table cloth idea! Count on you to have something so unique! :) All the best ok? Taking it easy's good! Would love to hear more about the house too :)

Karenmarie said...

Awesome idea with the cloth and flats for wedding shoe, brilliant! haha :)

I love weddings! Please share with us some of your colourful wedding photos :)

GeNiaL said...

Leng babe, congrats on your wedding day! So wish I was there to see the real thing :(. David will be there on my behalf of course but I am regretting that I didn't buy my ticket back each day, SOB!

So happy for the both of you and I'm sure we'll meet again!