Sunday, September 6, 2009


Making it official:
Checked, 21 Aug 09.

Am now officially married, and no, it feels about exactly the same :P We went all Bollywood crazy and turned up at the Putrajaya JPN in full sari and maharaja costume, headgear and all included. We had lunch at Saffron in Desa Hartamas after (they serve super yummy north indian food!).

with mum

mr & mrs arvin!

bridesmaid & witness, Jo

Thanks George for all the lovely pics! :)

Wedding Favours: Checked.

Since the wedding will be outdoors, I thought it'll be nice to hand out some hand fans as wedding favours so the guests can use them if it gets too hot. I bought the prettiest rattan fans when I was in Siem Reap a couple of years ago and I've been searching high and low for someone to supply these from Cambodia. Luckily, a good friend had a friend in Cambodia who had a friend who as it turns out, actually produces these fans! I was going to fly out to Cambodia and pick up these fans myself but I have a serious phobia sleeping alone in hotels and I couldn't get flights to get in and get out of Siem Reap on the same day. So, I sent my brother in law on the mission instead. He was more than willing to go (free trip!) and he came back yesterday with a giant bag full of these fans!


Pretty, no? They cost about USD0.50 cents each and I bought 300 of them in total, super excellent deal in my opinion :)

Invitation Cards: Checked, and sent!

We ended up having to do two versions of the invites, one which is more formal (bleh) for the older folks and another version for our friends. Of course, I wouldn't bother showing the formal ones - but if you're looking for not bad looking and affordable customised wedding cards, go to:, they've got a pretty decent selection.

For our less formal invites, we grabbed my camera, got Jo and Jamie to take some pics of us, we found this small green hill near Sri Hartamas and started snapping away.

my photogs: Jamie & Jo, and subject: Arvin

not reciprocative at all, hmph.

no idea what's so funny, really

and my girls

I went through a few versions of the design but I knew I wanted something bright and cheery (and flowery too!)


Finally settled on this one:


Most have been signed, sealed and delivered! It's a little late by normal standards but I'm always late for everything by normal standards anyway.

Flowers: Checked.

It has just occured to me that planning an outdoors wedding from scratch could actually cost more than having it in a hotel ballroom etc. Normally when you book hotels etc, they would at least already provide the ambience, centerpiece deco etc etc, your costs are mainly the food and it can be between a hundred or more per head. Though our choice of location would not cost as much for food, seriously, we were first given a menu of RM20 per head! As much as I'd rather eat nasi minyak and rendang for my wedding (hate hate hate chinese 8 course dinners, like, serve them all at once already and where's my rice??!), I had the guests to think about. So after adding a whole lot of other stuff to the menu, it still comes up to about RM80+ per head. Anyway, the point is that, I now have to find a way to dress up all 30 tables and create other ambient decoration from scratch. So it's DIY or nothing, I can't afford a florist for this one. Have already booked about RM900 worth of flowers from the flower wholesalers in Petaling Street.

And am planning to use various glass jars with very simple and rustic flower arrangements, am hoping it wouldn't be too much of a hassle to do. So I bougth a few bunches of flower to test out the arrangements, don't think it looks half bad thought it's mostly mums, I actually kinda like mums. I think it should look nice and cheery with my colourful tablecloths.

anyone wants to donate used glass jars? i need more, moorree!!

my favorite table cloth print + centerpiece!

Got various other tin buckets and cute vases as well from secondhand shops to use as centerpieces for the dessert buffet, reception table centerpiece etc.

love the rustic tin buckets, got this from this shop selling chicken farm supplies in Klang, don't ask.

love these aqua vases, from kaki lelong for RM5 each!

Am also making my own bridal bouquets, also for all the bridesmaids and boutaineers as well.


I got tons of ribbons from my China trip last week, their wholesale prices are crazy! Rm3 per huge ass roll!

for the bridesmaids


Dessert Buffet: WIP!

Am also planning to have a dessert buffet with sinful yummy goodies and have got a friend Val on board to help with the cakes and cupcakes! She's super excellent and makes the cutest cupcakes, her blog is here. She actually lives in Sydney but she'll be back for our wedding and have volunteered to be our cake maker! Managed to get this cute tiered cake stand from this nauseatingly adorable shop in Amcorp mall, RM29.


got these little garden birds and birdhouse from the same shop in Amcorp Mall as well. Couldn't help myself, it is just too cute and only RM3 each!

All in all, I'm not as busy or stressed as I should be, am I doing something wrong?