Friday, October 10, 2008

The Before

It'll probably be a couple more months, maybe years even to get to 'The After' post, but in the meantime, baby steps.

I guess some would say we're having it easy since the whole place is pretty much post-ID, post major reno etc etc and I would generally agree. We have it shitloads easier. Easier in the sense that we're just taking someone else's idea lock stock barrel. The hard part am thinking, is trying to make our half complete abode completely ours.

So when we do finally get to that 'The After' post one day, I would like to pull up this first post and see just how far we've come to making No. 59 ours, and ours only.

So, the before:

View from outside. The hallmark of true Malaysian homes, the double storrey terrace link house!

A red wall to greet our guests as they step in, not our idea (previous owners'), but we like it anyhow.


I quite obviously am very very excited about the super duper spacious kitchen.

Will get more before pics once we have em keys tomorrow.