Friday, June 19, 2009

Damn Size 0!

So upon trying on the dress, I realised I shoulda gone one size smaller. I guess it was my bad as I thought I should have been a size zero when I checked the sizing charts on the website but the brain's thinking to self, no way! No freaking person alive should be a size zero! So I bought a size 2. Don't get me wrong, I think the fit is still fantastic and I love love love the dress and the superbly effortless fit and I'm probably more a size 2, really, if not for the boobs. The only thing even the best super maximer bras won't save, so I guess I gotta go get it somewhat altered to fit so I can bend down on my wedding day with some modesty. Neways, I needed to tweak up the back, add a sash at the waist, maybe a flower and some serious ironing, me thinks it's all good! Here's a pic:


Oh wait, is that bad luck?


the 'soon' to be are getting hitched! said...

nvm about the size, you're lucky the actual dress you bought arrived! You look VERY pretty :) can't wait to see the final dress!

pipi me-ah's world~! said...

the dress is beautiful.. and u'r cute~!

genevieve teoh said...

babe long time no hear! you look gorgeous! all the best for the wedding!

FeL said...

OMG! the dress is uber cute. wish similar dress is being sell in ur other blog...i love the delicate buttons!