Monday, January 19, 2009

Where Does 4 Months Go?

I thought I was going to do this whole thing were there will be like updates every other day, minute details of our progress with the house, the day by day transformations. Quite obviously, we've fast forwarded, skipped and hopped over a couple of months to arrive here now. All I can think right now is, where the heck did those 4 months go? It can't be fair to feel like only a day has past in my head but outside it, days and months have speeded past. I doubt my head will ever catch up with real time (explains alot, really, my friends would testify to this).

Does this account for 4 months' work when there are still 80% of things I wanted done before we moved in still undone? Let's talk kitchen (obviously my favourite spot :P) cause, urm, that's all the pictures I have right now. :)

So this was before:


About 60% through with the kitchen:


And right about now:


*Loves* my kitchen! Have used it approximately:
3 times - for baking
2 times - for cooking
10,000 times - for...toasting bread. Hehe..

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jessica said...

Hi! I came across while googling for kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen is simply beautiful! May I know how much does yr kitchen cabinet cost and where you get them fixed? Thanks a bunch!